Winter Term Schedule

Weeks One through Ten: Creative Work

Commence work on studio projects. Meet regularly with your advisor. At some point during/before week four we will have you sign-up for a mid-project review with the faculty.

Week Four: Midterm Reviews

Participate in a 30-minute mid-project review—each student will meet with three faculty members simultaneously.

What do you need to show?
• Students should show as much work as possible for their review. You may show everything that is in-progress, but you must also include examples of COMPLETED pieces. Work with your adviser to determine what is an appropriate amount of work in relation to your process and ideas.

How will you present your work?
• Your review will probably take place in the Community Studio in the Park Trades Center. Everyone should attempt to install their work in a way that is indicative of how it might be installed for an exhibition. Use the walls and floor of as if they are part of the gallery. For example, do you plan to mat, pin, frame, or hang 2D work? You don’t have to frame every piece, but you might try matting the work; you should definitely pay attention to how you intend to level and space the work out on the wall, etc.  

What does completed work mean for installation and ceramics?
• Students working in ceramics who intend to fire (and glaze) work, as part of their final SIP portfolio, need to have some work that has made it through all stages of completion in time for their mid-project review. It would also be helpful to show work that is waiting to be fired in addition to things that are totally done. If raw clay is part of the content of your work, make that clear in the presentation of the work.
• Students working with objects should think about how they will be displayed, as well—shelves, pedestals, floor, etc. You don’t necessarily have to haul pedestals down to PTC, but you should work with your advisers to figure out options other than simply laying things on the table.
• Students whose projects will culminate in a gallery installation need to have completed one of the following: a small-scale installation in their studio, the gallery (if available), a display case or other alternate space. Pieces and/or parts of future installations that have not been installed will not offer enough of an indication of your direction. Students should work with their adviser to determine their options for spaces and expectations for size, etc.

Week Seven: Exhibition Proposals

Proposals for Spring-Term Exhibitions due on Friday
• Students wishing to show their work in a solo or two-person exhibition need to request an exhibition in writing no later than Friday or week seven.
• Exhibition proposals should indicate the type and number of works you plan to exhibit, as well as method for installation (work with your advisor to determine viable options).
• Students should also decide whether or not they intend to give an oral presentation. All receptions and presentations will take place at 4 pm on the Thursday of the exhibition week.  Students need to sign-up for the Recital Hall and lobby with Carol Kennedy before the end of the term.
• Students creating an installation for their SIP who intend to use the FAB gallery will be assigned an exhibition time during week ten or finals of winter quarter. (Students may explore alternate sites for installations in consultation with their advisers.) 

Weeks Eight through Ten: Completion of Creative Work & SIP paper

• All creative work must be completed in preparation for final review.  
• Reviews will take place Wednesday of finals week. Work should be well presented and include an artist statement. Locations TBD.
• SIP narrative due Friday of finals week.

Finals Week

• Oral SIP defense: Final Critique with Faculty
• Document work

Spring Quarter

• Final SIP document, narrative, and images due (bound) on Friday of week one.
• Exhibitions occur weeks one through ten.