Stain Glass window created by artist in resident, Fritz Bultman.

Welcome to the Kalamazoo College Department of Art and Art History. We offer majors and minors in both Studio Art and Art History. Please visit our pages to learn more about our programs, faculty, and studios.

In an ever-increasingly visual world, art and art history cultivate essential critical looking skills that allow students to better navigate and respond to their communities, both local and global. Courses in the department take advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of the liberal arts experience, and we encourage students to interweave their personal and academic interests with artistic expression and research across visual cultures. Many classes have no prerequisites and are open to all students; while more advanced courses provide training for those interested in postgraduate study of studio art or art history. Senior projects can provide internships and other opportunities for experiential learning in the context of the arts: commercial art, arts management, museums and galleries, or professional studio practice. In every case, our goal is to enrich students’ experience of their visual world and to develop the necessary analytical and communication skills in order to thrive upon graduation.