Studio Art SIP Document Style Guide

Summary of SIP Document

  1. Cover sheet
  2. 150-250 Word Abstract
  3. Narrative Description of the development of the work from nascent stage to completion—include influences and relationship to other work in the similar genre (ten pages minimum, double-spaced)
  4. Separate artist statement as an addendum
  5. An addendum with images of your work (one per page) with pertinent information (see example at end of this document). Images of your work should be saved around 7” x 9” at 200 PPI (see Image Requirements/Image resizing under “Image Addendum”)

Department Requirements for the Studio Art SIP Document—In Detail

Cover sheet

The title page should contain the following:

  • Author’s name
  • Name and department of the faculty SIP supervisor
  • The legend, “A paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Arts at Kalamazoo College”
  • Year of imprint


The abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes a larger work. The abstract should contain the thesis, background, and conclusion of the SIP narrative. While it contains key words found in the larger work, the abstract is a stand-alone document rather than an excerpted passage. It should:

  • State the main objective and rationale of your project
  • Outline the methods you used to accomplish your objectives
  • List your project’s product
  • Draw conclusions about the implications of your project
  • Include all the key words that will make your project searchable

Narrative Description

  • Minimum ten pages (not including image and artist statement addendums)
  • MLA Style
  • Formatting requirements:
    • Margins—the left margin must be at least one and one-half inches wide in order to allow for binding. All other margins (right, top, and bottom) should be one inch.
    • Spacing—use double spacing throughout the paper. Footnotes and long quoted passages should be single-spaced.

Narrative Content

Map the development and progression of your artwork throughout the SIP process, from nascent stage to completion. Write about your project, creative approach, technical process and related research. Go beyond a simple story and include connections, reflection and evaluative statements. For example, you might:

  • Discuss and describe the catalyst for your project — what led you to start working in this way and/or initiated your interest in the subject of your SIP?
  • Talk about moments of realization, discovery and critical transitions.
  • Weave in discussion of your research, subject matter, and/or other influences outside of the art world. Please cite references as needed.
  • Include influences and relation to other artworks, periods, genres, etc. that help provide a context for your approach.
  • Reflect on your process. What recurring choices (conscious or subconscious) did you make about themes, content, forms, technique and/or approach?
  • Acknowledgments—Please recognize funding and other sources of support for your project.

Separate artist statement as an Addendum

One to two pages maximum

Image Addendum

Place one image per page in a Word Document, including the information below each piece.

  • Artist
  • Title
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Date
  • Description
  • If the images have been referenced in the SIP by numbers/letters, include that reference number/letter
  • All documents should be saved as one PDF

Visit the Image Addendum example for more information

Image Requirements/resizing tips

In Photoshop

  1. Select: Menu bar, Image, Image Size…
  2. In that dialog box…
    1. Link width and height
    2. Click the check box for “resample image”
    3. Set longest dimension to 9″ and resolution (PPI) to 200
    4. Save As, image name.jpeg

In Preview

  1. Select Menu bar, Tools, Adjust size…
  2. In that dialog box…
    1. Set “fit into” as Custom
    2. Link width and height
    3. Set longest dimension to 9″ and resolution to 200 Pixels/Inch
    4. Save As, image name.jpg