Rising Junior Information

For all those current sophomores who are planning to become art or art history majors (declared or not), please see the information below.
Feel free to contact any art department faculty if you have any further questions.

Community Participation

  • Optional SIP presentations—plan to attend any and all of the optional SIP presentations during spring of the sophomore and junior year that occur. SIP presentations traditionally take place every Thursday from 4 to 5 p.m. during the spring quarter.
  • All visiting artists and LACs sponsored by the art department are essentially required.
  • Art Hop—get to know the Kalamazoo Art community by participating in the Art Hop, the first Friday of every month.
  • Have a warm-up show of your own! Our gallery has many openings during the fall and winter quarters. If you have an idea for a possible show, speak with one of your art instructors and/or speak to the chair of the department.

Study Abroad

  • Sophomore Seminar–there are three sophomore seminars in the art department. You are not required to take a Sophomore Seminar in the department, but it will count as an elective in the major, if you do.
  • ICRPs–if your study-abroad program includes an ICRP, consider an art related topic or internship.
  • Meet with a faculty member in the art department prior to your departure from campus for study abroad to discuss course selection and goals for study abroad.
  • Communicate with your adviser via Email prior to registration for junior spring quarter classes.


  • Switch to an adviser in the Art Department if you have not already done so.
  • Majors seminar, sophomore or junior spring, recommended for everyone, required for AAH and AH.
  • Have you completed your core requirements?
  • Intermediate coursework for Studio Art Majors should be completed prior to Advanced Studio. This intermediate work may determine the areas in which you are eligible to do a SIP. If possible, take more than one “level II” (a level II and a level II, say) by the end of the sophomore year.

Senior Year

  • Art SIPs fall into three categories–Studio, Research (AH), and Internships.  Many Internship SIPS are done over the summer, but nearly all studio SIPs take place in the winter. Occasionally an exception is made for students planning to apply for graduate school in art during the senior year.
  • Intermediate course(s) & Advanced Studio must be completed by the end of the fall of the senior year for students doing a Studio SIP.
  • Advanced Studio is required for the Studio Art major, but a SIP in the Art Department is not required.
  • SIPs do not count towards the ten required units for the Studio Art major.
  • SIPs are not automatic; you must propose a project to the appropriate faculty member who will evaluate your proposal based on your readiness and preparation for the stated process and product, maturity of your project concept, and intended learning goals. The faculty member has the right to turn your proposal down based on inadequate preparation, an unfocused concept and/or goals and/or unrealistic goals.
  • An Art SIP includes faculty mentoring. You are expected to meet regularly with your SIP adviser. Any additional outcomes, guidelines or deadlines established by your faculty adviser will be considered part of the SIP contract.
  • If you are planning to do an Internship SIP in the summer before your senior year, you may need to apply for the internship while you are away on study abroad. You should research opportunities and deadlines now. Seek assistance with starting a resume from the CCPD and your adviser prior to study abroad.

Additional Opportunities

(Applications may due prior to your return to campus in the spring)

  • Ox-Bow West Michigan student scholarships for summer courses
  • Internships both on and off campus applications
  • Look into art service-learning opportunities such as the Vibbert Civic Engagement Scholarship for Art in Community